• Welcome to Verdure Wellness

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Welcome to Verdure Wellness

Gut Appreciation Month

Building a robust Immune System?

Are you appreciating your Gut?

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Finding what you're looking for?

Chat with us should you have any questions or share with us any specific needs you may have and we could either recommend products or add these products to our inventory.

Our Story

Verdure Wellness was birthed in March 2020 from a dream, desire and a place of seeking wellness within myself.  Prior to this, I have walked, and still very much walking a journey with my health, in particular, digestive health.  After numerous tests, doctors and specialist visitations, it unfortunately brought me no further in my quest for answers. 
This led me to approaching my health holistically, naturally and with products which are made from pure, wholesome and organic ingredients.  I am a huge advocate of natural living with what it is I put into my body and on it.

Not only do we support natural living, we support local and herein you will see products showcased which are beautifully handcrafted, made with love and care and will enrich the lives of others.  We believe in community and the strengths there in.  We trust Verdure will be a tool whereby you can enjoy these beautiful products for yourself and begin your own journey to wellness.

Thank you for visiting our store, we hope you find what it is you are looking for, and if not. Like we've said above, please send us a message and we will gladly help. 

With love

I found this website by chance while looking for a gift for my mother.  I purchased the Mustard Seed Necklace for her and am very happy with what I brought.  Thank you for your very good service, I received my order quickly, it was packaged well and you communicated with me all the way.


Do you know about Buchu Water?

Historically, buchu has been used to treat inflammation, and kidney and urinary tract infections; as a diuretic and as a stomach tonic. Other uses include carminative action and treatment of cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis, and gout. It also has been used for leukorrhea and yeast infections.

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