The Story behind Pure Primal

Breathe in… Breathe out... Lying in the bath, watching my heartbeat create ripples around my sick body. 23 December 2009. Thirty three years old.
I have just received my liver cancer diagnosis with an extra helping of skin and bowel cancer. The growth was invasive and there were no laparoscopy equipment available, so I underwent open abdominal surgery where I received my “branding mark” from the large L-shaped incision. With my motto in life –
“There is always light at the end of a dark, long tunnel”
- I saw this L-shaped scar as my “Learners” sign. I learned to ask why, how and when. I was fired up mentally but physically I was still sick and weak.
I packed my bags and flew to Bison and Longhorn country, Texas. I met an amazing Doctor in Fort Worth, broadened my knowledge base in the Natraceutical and Natural healing arena and took the proverbial “Wholelistical” plunge – wholeheartedly.
I realised not only does my body need bioavailable nutrition, but so does my skin, as at least 60% of all the 400-600 toxins in common skincare items are absorbed into my bloodstream daily! From soap, to make-up, body lotions, perfumes, washing powders and more. Biologically the skin craves certain elements to return to homeostasis, the state of balance and harmony. I made a study of this, as well as what our forefathers used for skincare. A whole new world opened where ancient traditions collided with modern research. Following a primal lifestyle and diet, and finding myself in Bison country, I tried my hand at the Voortrekker/Pioneer skin care recipes. It was love at first feel and my thirsty skin soaked up all of the goodness as if it was just a natural part of it.
I was astounded to see the magical harmony between our skin and the beautiful, creamy, golden whipped Certified Free Range (FR) and Grass Fed (GF) rendered animal fat, or tallow. As we are not plants, but more similar to a pastured animal, the skin anatomy is biologically so closely related that our skin sees GF, FR tallow as its own - with the same fat soluble Vitamin and Mineral profile your skin naturally produces and craves in order to heal and promote longevity.

We Love Pure Primal