Forever Young Q10 Therapy

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Q10 Therapy made with Green Rooibos extract and co-enzyme Q10.  To reduce and slow down the signs of ageing.

Contains: Coenzyme Q10 to assist in oxygen utilisation and energy production in cells and is a super-powerful antioxidant. Evening primrose oil, Vitamin E, herbal extracts like hops, rosemary, horsetail, lemon, chamomile, cornflower, lime, calendula and St John's Wort. Also Rooibos extract, VNA10+, Hyaluronic acid, Glycosome and Lipogard.


Press the Q10 Therapy onto your skin, mornings and evenings, after your Annique moisturiser. Apply around your eyes, neck and hands. For quick results, apply throughout the day onto areas with pigmentation marks and wrinkles.

Product Description:

  • 30ml